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Healthy Tooth Replacements

Are you tired of covering your smile because of missing teeth? At Flint River Dental, in Huntsville, AL we offer state-of-the-art dental implants in Huntsville, the gold standard for tooth replacement. Dental implants are a permanent solution that will restore your oral health and your ability to smile with confidence.

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What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are fake teeth that act and look like the structure of a natural tooth root and anchors on for replacement teeth. Our dentists place the artificial root surgically right here at our Huntsville dental office. The implant is allowed to heal and then finished with a durable and natural-looking dental restoration that will allow you to enjoy full function of the tooth. Depending on your needs, the restoration we choose can include a bridge, crown, or denture.

Dental implants are considered the gold standard for tooth replacement because they actually improve your oral health. When a missing tooth isn’t replaced, adjacent teeth can start to drift out of alignment. Also, without the presence of your natural root to stimulate growth, your jawbone may begin to deteriorate. An implant takes the place of the missing tooth root to support surrounding natural teeth and prevent deterioration of the jawbone.

A dental implant is a standalone unit, so we don’t have to put extra stress on neighboring teeth by attaching crowns to adjacent teeth. Dental implants allow you to speak, eat, and drink with a complete, healthy smile. Our patients are always amazed at how natural their dental implants look and feel once they’re placed.

The Huntsville Dental Implant Process

Typically, the beginning phases of dental implants will start with a consultation. During this time, we’ll discuss all your tooth replacement options. and determine whether or not you are a good candidates for dental implant placement.

If you’re a good candidate, Dr. Darby will implant the titanium roots into your jaw. After the implant has completely fused with your jawbone, you’ll return to our office and we will personalize your tooth replacements and attach it to the implant.

If you need to have teeth extracted in preparation for dentures, we can sometimes place your dental implants immediately after surgery. Your dentures are fabricated beforehand, and we then place the implant in the perfect position to support the dentures. You don’t have to worry about walking around with no teeth – you can leave the same day with a set of fully functional teeth while you wait for your implants to heal.

Trust Skill & Experience

Dr. Darby has advanced training and experience in the surgical placement of dental implants. Needless to say, you can rest assured that you’ll receive the highest standard in implant dentistry. Our skilled team has assisted in many dental implant procedures and will be there to support and encourage you through all stages of your treatment. We are pleased to offer complimentary sedation for all our dental implant patients.

Making the decision to have dental implants placed is a big step. We will take all the time needed to make sure you understand what’s involved and answer all your questions.

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