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An Alternative to Metal Braces

Clear aligners, such as Invisalign, are effective for correcting orthodontic problems without braces. Whether you are concerned about the appearance of metal braces, discomfort, or don’t want to give up your favorite foods during treatment, this may be the right option for you. At Flint River Dental, in Huntsville, AL, we offer clear aligners in Huntsville for kids, teens, and adults.

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Benefits of Clear Aligners

If you have dreamed of an attractive smile with straight teeth but don’t want metal braces, clear aligners offer a viable alternative to traditional braces. The aligners are custom designed to fit over your teeth and apply pressure to certain areas to shift your teeth into the desired position.

Clear aligners offer advantages that include:

  • Nearly invisible appearance
  • No food restrictions
  • Easier brushing and flossing
  • Removable for eating, brushing, or special occasions
  • More comfortable than traditional braces

The ability to remove the aligners for eating, oral hygiene, and special occasions is a significant benefit for many patients. However, it is important to keep the aligners in your mouth as much as possible. Otherwise, the treatment may be negatively affected. When you do remove the aligners, use care to store them properly and avoid losing them.

Treating a Variety of Problems

Invisalign and other types of clear aligners are effective for correcting teeth that are crooked or misaligned without the need for metal braces. The aligners are custom made for each patient to correct the specific issues and create a more attractive smile using a convenient method that can fit your lifestyle and your orthodontic needs.

Clear aligners can correct problems, such as:

    • Crowded teeth
    • Overbite
    • Underbite
    • Open bite
    • Gaps between teeth

    While clear aligners in Huntsville are able to correct a wide variety of common orthodontic problems, they are not effective for every patient. The best way to learn if Invisalign is right for you is to schedule an appointment in our office. Dr. Darby can assess your teeth to determine the improvements that are needed and help you determine if clear aligners will produce the desired results.

    The Treatment Process

    The treatment process for clear aligners in Huntsville begins with a consultation to examine your teeth and take digital scans. The scans are used to create a custom treatment plan and clear aligners are made to gradually move your teeth from the original position to the desired position. You will wear each set of aligners for about two weeks before switching to the next aligners in the series.

    You can remove the aligners for eating and brushing and flossing your teeth, so there are no food restrictions and keeping your teeth and gums clean is easier. The aligners must be worn for at least 22 hours per day. The length of the treatment varies, depending on the improvements that are needed. You will visit our office periodically, so we can check your progress.

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